Vintage Photos Spur Interest
December 19, 2016


A while back I placed a classified advertisement in the local newspapers in Columbiana County, Ohio (where our office is located) asking for readers to share "Vintage Hunting and Fishing Photos". The response has been very good and we thought we'd share a few of those in this issue. We also hope to spur more interest in saving old photographs from the garbage bins.

As with most outdoor adventures - hunting and fishing tales - there's usually more to the story. The old photos are documents, testaments of some great adventures and many offer a unique story, and in some cases provide recorded history of this region. We've found that to be the case in many of the vintage photographs we've received.

A good example of that would be of the two photos on this page. Both photos are from the Lisbon, Ohio area. They were provided by the Lisbon Historical Society.

The hunting camp photos come from the Lisbon Rod and Gun Club, 1880's era. The bottom photo (men posing under a tent) features men wearing college insignia sweaters, squirrel tails hanging from a clothes line and a few hunting dogs. It's tagged, "Rod & Gun Club Men's Social Group". The other photo, with no markings other than six names, appears to be at another location but has some of the same names handwritten on the photos' borders. The hunters in the photo are holding raccoon pelts and trying to hold still three dogs for the photograph.

Gene Krotky, curator of the Lisbon Historical Society, said the photos from the hunting club are part of several the society has obtained. My research continues to seek out where the Rod and Gun Club was actually located. Krotky believes the club, at one time, was located in the Elkton, Ohio area near Little Beaver Creek.

If you have any information about the old Lisbon Rod and Gun Club, or any of the names that are attached to these photos please contact me at 330-385-2243. I am working on additional stories that relate to the vintage photographs and will publish more photos that readers have shared with us.

For more information about the Lisbon Historical Society call their office at 330-424-1861 or see their Facebook page. The office is located at 119 East Washington Street, Lisbon, OH 44432.


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